Campout Packing List


Campout packing list


Get Prepared To Have A Good Time


  • General items to pack for a campout

    sleeping bag (heavy or light depending on the temperature)
    camping pad
    eating utensils
    plate, cup, bowl
    extra shoes if needed
    knife (if totin chip has been earned)
    towel and wash cloth
    clothes (either warm weather or cold weather)
    flash light (extra batteries if available)
    first aid kit
    poncho or rain suit
    scout book
    camp chair

    Warm weather items
    water bottle
    cotton sheet
    swim suit
    aqua shoes
    sun block
    bug spray

  • Cold weather items
    warm hat
    thick socks
    fleece liner (if wanted)
    long sleeve shirts
    plastic bag (to go over foot of sleeping bag to keep the heat inside)

The troop provides the tents and cook kits for all campouts. Hats worn during the warm weather campouts must be scout related. Other items may be required depending on the type of campout planned.


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