The information provided below is a suggested list of backpacking gear and food meals. The   items you carry may vary from this list, always pack according to the terrain in which you will be traveling.

Backpack                                                                                                                     Sleeping bag

                             fleece liner or fleece blanket                                                               sleeping pad (optional)

                            Backpack rain cover or large trash bag                                trash bags

                             zip-lock bags x 2                                                                                                rope or cord - 25 feet

                            rain jacket or poncho                                              hoodie or jacket

                            Boots - high top                                                                                                   socks (2-3 pair)

                            underwear (2-3 pair)                                                                                     camp shoes/sandals (closed toe best)

                           shorts or pants w zip off sleeves (2)                                          t-shirts (2)

                           stocking or knit hat                                                                                           cap or brim hat

                           sunglasses (optional)                                                                                      compass (optional but recommended)

                           matches or disposable lighter                                                             fire starter

                           map                                                                                                                                       headlight or flashlight

                           extra batteries                                                                                                         cup

                           bowl                                                                                                                                    spoon (spork is best)

                          water bottles (2- one liter bottles)                                               personal first aid kit

                          bug spray                                                                                                                      foot powder

                         whistle                                                                                                                                knife

                         small towel                                                                                                                   bandana

                         toilet paper                                                                                                                  trowel

                         toiletries kit (toothbrush, paste, deodorant, soap, etc)

                        walking stick (optional)

                        safety pins (6) or sewing kit (travel size)

                        watch (optional)

Food Items

trail mix
crackers and cheese
tuna fish lunch kits
granola bars
microwave ready meals off the grocery shelf. (ex. mac and cheese, chicken and dumplings, chili mac, etc.) You can eat these meals cold. They do not have to be heated to be eaten.
candy bars (for quick energy)
package jambalaya mix. (can use pre packaged cook chicken, caned chicken or summer sausage for the meat item)
Pre packaged trail meals (can be purchased at most sporting goods stores.)
MRE'S (Meals Ready to Eat)

Please feel free to e-mail me with other food items you have taken on backpacking trips.